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Friday, December 09, 2005
A Friday laugh
My British friend, Nina, has a British way with words. She can tell you to go somewhere else in very civilized language and it will actually take several moments to realize the depth of the insult that she has just hurled at you. But then you laugh because, insult or no, she is still screaminly funny. Her friend William, also a Brit, can just about match her. From her email to me this morning:

"My friend William was very rude to me this morning via email. I told him to "review single digit communication". His reply:
"Single finger gesture reviewed and is currently being evaluated by the "European Union Committee on Gestures and Curses (EUCGC) as to its applicability under ISO9000, which specifies a European two-fingered model. Since the rejection of the Italian RFUA (Ramming Fist Under Arm) as too ponderous, as well as the Rumanian LLAWPTAWBLF (Licking Lips Aggressively While Poking The Air With Both Little Fingers) as being to complex for use in heavy traffic, there has been a move to adopt the single finger gesture, primarily supported by those missing either of the first two digits on their dominant hand. Both gestures are being opposed by the EU Quadriplegics Council (EUQC), who are lobbying for a simple, spit-laden
"fuck you".
Thank you for your interest. "


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