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Friday, January 20, 2006
Conservative group takes the sleazy road
LA Times: Advisor quits UCLA Alumni Group
......Rogan, now a lawyer in Irvine, on Wednesday sent an e-mail tendering his resignation to Andrew Jones, head of the Bruin Alumni Assn. and its one full-time employee. The year-old group, supported by donations, has no formal connection to UCLA.
In his e-mail, Rogan wrote, "I am uncomfortable to say the least with this tactic. It places students in jeopardy of violating myriad regulations and laws."
Jones had offered to pay UCLA students $100 for recordings and lecture notes of professors caught in "indoctrination, one-sided presentation of ideological controversies and unprofessional classroom behavior." Jones said one student, whom he declined to identify, had taken up the offer thus far.

Yes, many higher education institutions teach in a liberal manner. Oh my. What is the big deal? If this practice was truly “A PROBLEM” then why aren’t the majority of educated individuals liberal? What are conservatives afraid of? They got a college education without corruption, maybe it even aided in their conservative resolve. If you want to know what students are hearing, go there. Take a class. Interview a teacher/prof on his or her opinions.

Education and politics have held hands for 2300 years – it is noted that the Academy that Aristotle attended was heavily involved in politics-
Aristotle probably begun his work Politics on Assos as well as On Kingship which is now lost. He began to develop a philosophy distinct from that of Plato who had said the kings should be philosophers and philosophers kings. In On Kingship Aristotle wrote that it is:-
... not merely unnecessary for a king to be a philosopher, but even a disadvantage. Rather a king should take the advice of true philosophers. Then he would fill his reign with good deeds, not with good words.
However, Aristotle's time in Assos was ended by political events. The Persians attacked the town and Hermias was captured and executed. Aristotle escaped and stopped on the island of Lesbos on his way to Macedonia. It was more than a passing visit for he remained there for about a year and must have had the group of scientists from Assos with him for they continued their biological researches there.

So there you have it – Aristotle would have the King be a conservative and his advisors liberals.

That's a handsome idea!


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