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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Just think what this will do to the D.C. party circuit
Caviar Exports Canceled in Move to Stop Sturgeon Extinction
Martha hold the date open! What will we do????
The global export trade in caviar, the briny eggs of sturgeon that for decades have been one of the world's most exotic and lucrative wildlife products, was abruptly ordered shut down today by the international convention that helps nations manage threatened species.

Have you ever seen one of these puppies? Ugly just does not cover it.
Exporting nations must "ensure that the exploitation of sturgeon stocks is commercially and environmentally sustainable over the long term," the convention's secretary general, Willem Wijnstekers, said in a statement.
Sturgeon products, legal and illegal, are thought to be worth at least several hundred million dollars each year. But scientists and managers have said for decades that the caviar industry, and the species that drive it, are in jeopardy.
The world's remaining sturgeon fisheries have all suffered from plummeting populations, caused by a combination of dam building, pollution, excessive fishing and unchecked black markets. Several localized extinctions of sturgeon stocks around the world have already occurred, and many other species, including ones in the United States, have been reduced to remnant populations.

I, myself, try not to consume remnants....
One persistent problem in sturgeon management has been that national quotas and harvest data, which appear impressive on annual ledgers, do not account for widespread poaching. Mr. Morgan said that exporters would have to satisfy the secretariat that their fishing plans accounted for both the real size of the stocks and the total mortality from legal and illegal fishing.

Poaching? Euuuwww, poached fish eggs, gag. Oh. Not that kind of poaching.
Well, sad news to be sure. I have a couple extra jars of gefilte fish if anyone could use that . . .


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