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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
The 4 things meme . . .
I have been tagged by Teach at the Pirate’s Cove with the 4 Things meme.

4 Jobs I have held in my life
Exercise jockey
Nursery school teacher
I.R.S. intern

4 places I have lived
Burbank, CA
Gaithersburg, MD
London, England
Pocatello, ID

4 TV shows I love to watch
Night Detective (BBC)
Midsomer Murder (BBC)
Um . . . Mythbusters
Oh! and the Mail Call guy on History Channel.

4 places I have been on vacation
Mt. St. Helens (helicopter ride around the inside of the caldera!)
Hill hiking in Scotland
To Seattle by “Coast Starlighter” for the Seattle to Portland bike ride
Pony riding, Wales

4 Websites I visit daily
NY Times
London Times
LA Times
Jerusalem Post
And, time allowing, all my friends in the side-bar!

4 favorite food
Rare steak and mushrooms
Good Thai food
Hot curry – Vindaloo
Stilton cheese, apples, Scotch (Laphroig)

4 places I would rather be right now
On my horse, in the hills – the desert is pretty this time of year, maybe Mojave
Portland, OR, in Powell’s books, drinking a mocha, reading trashy romance
Provence, France in the sun, enjoying the scenery
A quiet sunny beach, waves rolling in, hot sand, and . . .

4 Favorite movies (at least at the moment)
Shakespeare in Love
Pirates of the Caribbean
Princes Bride (I know, I know)
Monty Python Meaning of Life

4 new suckers to tag
Jess at Life or Something Like it
Daisy Cutter

Ken is a Verb
Catfish over at the Texican Tattlers
(would tag JR but he’d just be grumpy…)


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