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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
The French - chicken when dealing with possibility of bird flu
Oh dear. Why do they keep providing fodder for the joke mill? Apparently, after hearing that cats may help carry bird flu, the French have been dumping their "beloved" pets at the pound at a hefty rate.
There is evidence that cats who eat birds that are infected with the H5N1 virus fairly easily and pass it on to other cats. As yet there is no evidence that the cats are passing it on to their humans.
The article notes in several places that all kinds of cats, large ones in the zoos and regular domestic kitties, can come down with and die from eating infected birds and poultry. What I wonder is how they can note that and in the next news release announce that it is perfectly safe for humans to eat poultry? They claim that the virus cannot be caught by ingestion.
Hmm. I say. Hmm. Bird flu. Mad Cow. Maybe the vegetarians are right?



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