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Monday, April 03, 2006
Where have I been?
Oh, I dunno - working mostly.
Now I'm watching the immigration situation heat up. It's about time. Some things we need to look at. We need borders. We need a process for good workers to get into the U.S. We want most of them to go home again, but not all of them. And how about those already here? We need a process for them to become legal taxpayers.
I worked for a farm/food processing company in Northern California for 6 years. There were legal and illegal workers. Trust me, having the INS come in, discover an illegal worker or two and shut the company down is not the best way to get the job done. Some of those are big wealthy companies, they pay taxes, they donate to election funds. Hmmm.
And why are there illegal workers here? Because they work for cheap at jobs that many Americans won't take. Really. They are more desperate for a day's pay than we are.
Employers need the workers. The workers need jobs. Employers, friends, and families give workers places to stay and a level of anonymity. How many are here? Hard to know - really.
We could use a committment of capital to border security, unfortunately that did not happen in the last Federal budget. It's not ALL about resources, but some of it is.
Its more about how to allow workers in, out, and keeping some as taxpayors. I would rather they stayed, not in hiding, but paying taxes for things like hospitals, schools, and social security.


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