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Sunday, December 03, 2006
And back to politics -
NYTimes: WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 — Senator Barack Obama’s announcement that he might run for president is altering the early dynamics of the 2008 Democratic nominating contest. The move has created complications for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as she steps up her own preparations and is posing a threat to lesser-known Democrats trying to position themselves as alternatives to Mrs. Clinton, Democrats said Sunday.

Yes! .... OK, I think she's a lousy candidate. She's not got a clue - she picks up whatever theme might make her acceptable, has NO personal "vision thing" going, and she thinks the nation ends at the Mississippi River. How about us Coyote Democrats? Eh? What about the West?

At the least, Mr. Obama’s very high-profile explorations have contributed to a quickening of the pace across the 2008 Democratic field. On Sunday, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana said that he would create a presidential exploratory committee this week. And Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa went so far as to announce his candidacy two years before Election Day, in what his aides said was a calculated strategy to grab a moment of attention before Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton blot out the sun.

Ah, huh. Choices are good. Waiting to see what else steps firmly forward...


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