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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Blog Anniversary, Take Two

The Second Blogiversary . . December 16th! And WHERE WAS I? Um.......

However. There should definitely be a retelling of the luscious romance of the Blogfather and the blogperson, that produced "Julie with a B".

Really I know that the Blogfather would love it if the details would simply slide quietly away and no longer trouble him, but, no, it's too much fun to retell!

Once upon a time there was a blogperson, too way left wing and too alluring to be named, that so entranced the Blogfather . . . .

Besotted he was!

(the details of said romance are here deleted due to the sensitivity of the material and the young minds that might be irreversibly damaged if they read it. Also due to the fact that the participating members might sue me for revealing said details. But check here (Dec 16th) for story and pictures! See Ogre's post on the subject of suing about explicit publishing here.)

Yet, after *everything* . . . (ahem) . . . . she left him . . . . and all he has is the memory of long heated discussions with the FAR LEFT.

Oh. And a left of center Blogdaughter. Julie with a B.

The Blogfather encouraged JulieB to find her voice, lent a hand with supporting linkies, visited to comment lovely long winded ditties that others enjoyed arguing with, and corrected JulieB's grammar, manners, and occasionally, her attitude.

Once again, thanks to American Warmonger, who created the template for JulieB. Jeremy created Julie with a B in, well, revenge for some long winded Left Wing comments I left on his Christmas blog post. (Jeremy, where are you, buddy??)

In memory, thanks to Nickie Goomba, for his support, caring , and very excellent punning. Best wishes to his heir. (by the way, note the bottle of 20 yr old single malt Scotch on the table next to the couch. Have a seat, pour yourself one, Nickie Jr. and hang for a bit.... sorry about the pretzels) (you're welcome)

And to my friends, the Texican Tattlers, Jesse at Life or Something Like it, Teach at Pirate's Cove - many thanks for, well, being my friends.


OK. It's safe to come out from behind the curtains now, DC. They all know it was you anyway. They recognized your picture despite the chain mail.


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