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Monday, February 26, 2007
Ah.. a couple days off
I've spent the last 6 weeks working long hours, doing my job, hiring a replacement, and training her. Leaving the old job was a wrench - I have some wonderful friends there and I'll really miss them.
My brother was up visiting over the weekend. He's a wine fiend so we went touring about tasting at this place and that. Came back with a nice bottle of Cabernet and one of port. In general I prefer good single malt Scotch, but I can be tempted to be unfaithful...

Over the next couple days will do whatever I want - unscheduled this and that. I'm thinking of heading to the beach with the dog for a nice walk in the wind. Tomorrow will take some friends from work to the Powerhouse for a couple pints. OK, so I told 'em I'd put the Visa card on the bar and run a tab. We may be there a long time if no one throws us out.

Oh yes. And I'm finally going to buy the longbow I've been lusting after for a year or so. Oh yes. Well, when I get it I'll post a picture or two. I'm going shooting with some friends on Saturday. Since that's also my birthday I'm hoping to have it by then.



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