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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
And more from Iraq
A friend's son is there. This excerpt from one of his letters home:

"They have been dealing with a sniper that has shot two of his buddies, hitting one twice in the arm and another in the butt. Fortunately they will be fine. After this they went through several houses and found the Mother of the sniper. Turns out he is seventeen years old, and now has a death wish from Ml's squad.

One day a Captain came to M's squad and wanted them to go out with metal detectors and search for IED's etc. The Squad Leader said "no way" due to the sniper still out there and that this stupid idea could get them killed. Long story short, the squad leader was removed and transferred to bravo company. On the squad leaders flight back to base his helicopter was shot down and he suffered some minor injuries, but he'll recover.

M and his squad are angry and sad that his squad leader was treated this way for standing up and protecting them from a very bad decision. Fortunately, they still didn't have to go out on this very bad mission. Unfortunately, they lost one of the best squad leaders in their company."

Not much in the way of real leadership there. This is M's 2nd tour. He's been there since December, not expected home until early 2008.


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