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Monday, January 21, 2008
The bell curve of California political parties. ..
As usual I think California is a leader in this but other marks on the map are surely close behind. The Party membership here looks like a bell curve. Democrats, on the left of course, Republicans on the right, and a large bulge in the middle - the Independents. Yup, there are more voters registered Independent than either party. Like all middle bulges, this one wobbles left, then right, then jiggles in the middle.
The interests of the north eastern Democrats have nothing to do with what is happeing in California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and parts of Arizona and Colorado.
So . . . the bulge will grow. Hillary doesn't speak to me. Barack maybe. The others? Oh please.
Our primary is coming up on February 5th. The usuall absentee voters are notably absent. No one is ready to make their mark.
I have company in my thoughts, check out "WesternDemocrat":
"What concerns me and what should concern a lot of Western Democrats is that the GOP may be poised to nominate a Western candidate who can reach across party lines (McCain), while the Democratic Party may be poised to nominate (again) an uncharismatic Easterner who would have difficulty reaching across party lines and who has little appeal in much of the purple West (Clinton). Hillary is a known quantity, and her negative numbers in the West will be very hard to change."

So there you have it. What now?


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