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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
So about those gas prices... and driving a 3/4 ton pickup truck
Here's the new wheels.  It's a 2009 Piaggio BV 250 Scooter.   It's very cute.  It is also going to take me to work from now on.

Oh my gosh!!
It must be time to write something a little more updated....   a little more real!

Sunday, July 26, 2009
OK, so I thought this Prez would do interesting things - sort of like a new top out of the box, you pull the string and stand back a bit.
The latest "Stupid" joke was not exactly what I had expected.
So now we're all sitting down to drink beer??? Was Joe the Plumber inivted?

There's a "beer poll" at the bottom of this article


Sunday, June 08, 2008
Alas, poor Daisy Cutter...
All that ranting and raving about no McCain for Prez.....
Poor thing, who will you vote for now? Have you registered Independent???

Saturday, January 26, 2008
But this one.....

really hits the spot.
(those of you with a right wing persuasion may be offended by the language)(French)

Saturday night video

OK, so Bandit likes to watch this one over and over....

Well here it is Saturday . . . let's go to the movies
Well, first thing, you have to traipse on down to the Pirate's Cove for his "Saturday Night Redneck"
Foxworthy at his finest with a few Walmart Fashion Alerts.
Then run on over to Harvey's place and check out the Jan.23 video. I'm sure it's not right, but I pretty much fell out of my chair watching it... and the other vid's that are appended to the post.
Alas, the Llama Butchers have "Bad Music Video Saturday" I don't think Foxworthy's fashion statements would help any, tho.

Monday, January 21, 2008
The bell curve of California political parties. ..
As usual I think California is a leader in this but other marks on the map are surely close behind. The Party membership here looks like a bell curve. Democrats, on the left of course, Republicans on the right, and a large bulge in the middle - the Independents. Yup, there are more voters registered Independent than either party. Like all middle bulges, this one wobbles left, then right, then jiggles in the middle.
The interests of the north eastern Democrats have nothing to do with what is happeing in California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and parts of Arizona and Colorado.
So . . . the bulge will grow. Hillary doesn't speak to me. Barack maybe. The others? Oh please.
Our primary is coming up on February 5th. The usuall absentee voters are notably absent. No one is ready to make their mark.
I have company in my thoughts, check out "WesternDemocrat":
"What concerns me and what should concern a lot of Western Democrats is that the GOP may be poised to nominate a Western candidate who can reach across party lines (McCain), while the Democratic Party may be poised to nominate (again) an uncharismatic Easterner who would have difficulty reaching across party lines and who has little appeal in much of the purple West (Clinton). Hillary is a known quantity, and her negative numbers in the West will be very hard to change."

So there you have it. What now?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
And the little dog laughed

Well, my dog laughs anyway. It's a decided little "chuff" sound. She also rolls her eyes at her stupid human.
But I guess I'm not the only one with a laughing dog:
This one from Science News

a little more recent from PhysOrg.com

Gives new meaning to "Drive Thru"
Personally, I think it's just a semantics issue but:

"Man Drives Into McDonald's after Order Botched"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Tax Time . . .

We all get just a wee bit bothered with forms and what did or didn't pay, or donate, or what we REALLY $made$ last year.... But this should not be considered a workable solution.

Just re-arranging the furniture...
. . . and sending some of it to the recycle bin.

If I used to link to you and you just notice that the linky is now gone, c'mon over and complain. Mostly I'm moving out sites that have gone dark or I don't read or agree with anymore.

I doubt anyone will really notice, but if I removed you and you hate it, say so.

The Mgt.

As usual, he has no clue . . .
. . . what to do with that bit of diplomacy he was just handed.

Helloo -ooh
Anybody here? Ha. An empty theater, a bare stage.
The acoustics are kinda good, with the echo an' all. Let's try out a couple of good lines!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Wow! That has a really nice sound to it!
What politician said that? Well, no one from around here. Those are M. K. Gandhi's words.

Hmm.... this stage needs some lights and maybe a new sound system, and perhaps some . . .

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